28 February 2010

Lesson #9: Remember to look up (around) once in a while.

I've heard this in a couple of incarnations.  Let's reflect....

All different ways of getting at the same thing: stop... appreciate the small things.

A few weeks ago, I was late for work.  I was stuck in traffic.  It was gray and rainy.  I wanted coffee, not to be staring at someone's bumper for thirty minutes.  By chance, I looked up at the sky, maybe waiting for the low-flying bird with a digestive tract questionable enough to complete the morning, when I saw something pretty cool.

No, not a bird.

The clouds sort of pulled apart in the wind, kind of like a cotton ball does when you tug at either end.  The sun shone through the little rip in the clouds, and made a rainbow.  A good one - with distinct colors and everything.

Because I glanced up, I got to see it.  (Because traffic was stopped, I didn't violate Lesson #5.  Besides, this was in Red Car.)  I love seeing rainbows.  I'm not sure why, but they make me smile.  And I remember, that moment just changed the rest of the day.  I realized I could be angry about the traffic... but that it gave me a moment to see something I would otherwise have missed.

I'm trying to use little things, like touchstones, to bring me back when I get too caught up in life.  I might be sliding down the road in slush and snow, but when I finally get where I'm going, at least the snow is pretty to look at on the trees.  Every morning I can see the Hanover Street bridge from the ramp onto MLK, and every morning it looks a little different.. from the light, the weather, the water, any number of things.  It's pretty.  

So, since lesson #9, I try to pay attention to the world around me, because, all in all, it's pretty freaking cool.  

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